“Love taken seriously is a radical outlook, a major departure from the psychological orientations that rule the world.”
—Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love
Services Offered by Ann Ladd
Ann Ladd
Ann Ladd,

In light of the current complex health situation, I am providing ZOOM sessions for clients, as well as seeing clients in my office using safety precautions.

My fee is $125/session, and I have a sliding scale, if needed. I do not bill insurance. My practice is currently focused on couples only.

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Please take care and be well.
Ann Ladd, PhD, LCSW

Colorado Workshops
The HeArt of
Relationship Therapy

Oct. 21-22, 2022

This trauma-informed training offers a strength-based, integrated, experiential approach to healing and strengthening intimate relationships that supports the ongoing growth of each person.
“Ann Ladd’s training for therapists is invaluable. She honors the intricacies of relationships, as only a seasoned therapist can. With great skill and wisdom, she provides practical, well-researched knowledge and mentorship. Her work on ‘loops’ should be required training for every therapist, as should her unique and brilliant work on trauma healing. Her understanding of the soul and psyche is extraordinary, as is her warmth, intelligence, and accessibility. I recommend this course with enthusiastic and wholehearted praise.”

— Linda Carroll, therapist and author of Love Skills: The Keys to Unlocking Lasting, Wholehearted Love

"I believe I was a kind, empathetic couple’s therapist before training with Ann Ladd and learning her Heart of Healing method. Afterwards, I became an effective therapist using a powerful roadmap to understand how relational difficulties originate in individual wounding. I obtained meaningful tools to lead couples through transformational healing to address core issues and provide new ways of relating to themselves and their partner. I would be lost without these essential knowledge and skills.”

— Ildiko M. Overbay, LPC, CADCI, Corvallis, OR

An Introduction to The He(Art) of Relationships
Holding Hands

Sept. 10th, Oct. 15th, Nov. 19th, Dec. 10th, 2022

We know a lot today about helping couples create healthy, resilient, loving relationships.

I offer a 3.5 hour psycho-education workshop as a prerequisite for people who want to work with me in individual couples sessions. It gives you an inexpensive opportunity to learn how I work and to introduce the skills that I teach for deeper connection, problem solving and conflict management.

The individual couple sessions are then used to address the underlying issues that cause disruption, learn the skills and practice them with guidance on the specific issues you want to address.

"We finally know what's different about couples that stay happily together. It's not that they are better matched, better looking, more in love or more passionate. It's not that they have fewer differences or less to fight about.

"The difference between successful and unsuccessful couples is how they handle these differences. "The good news is that anyone can learn to do relationships better and smarter. It turns out you CAN learn how to get the feeling back . . . and keep love alive."

— Diane Sollee, smartmarriages.com

On-Site Therapist Training
Dr. Ladd is available for workshops and training sessions to introduce her Heart of Healing approach to therapists. Length of time and scope of training can be determined according to the needs of the organization. Handouts provided.

Her book,
Heart of Healing:
A Therapist’s Journey with Clients
is available for purchase.

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Intensive Couples and/or Individual Work
As a senior therapist with an expertise in relationships and emotional healing, Dr. Ladd is available for intensive work with couples or individuals. Our defensive/protective behavior and attitude patterns reduce intimacy and damage trust in relationships.

In these sessions, Dr. Ladd introduces her conceptual framework for deep emotional healing and facilitates the emotional processing work that allows the relaxation of these old patterns. She assists in developing an ongoing strategy for application of the new information in your important relationships, including yourself.

Dr. Ladd recommends that these sessions be in conjunction with an ongoing therapeutic relationship with someone near the person’s home base.

What: 2-3 day sessions (2-3 hours, twice a day) with individuals or couples in my office or their home.

When: Scheduled by appointment only.

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This series of classes will explore more deeply how the Nine Types of the Enneagram affect relationships. Each class will be dedicated to two of the nine types. Handouts included.

What: Six 2-hour sessions

When: 2022 (dates To Be Determined)

Click HERE to download sample flyer and registration.

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